This is the official Owl Know How FUN page!

A look at Owl Know How for iPad! Download it in the iTunes Store


A Matter of Factory is a mechanical stop-motion installation artwork. We exhibited it at Westspace Gallery in Melbourne in 2013 and now it is at the Science Centre Singapore for a big exhibition curated by Ars Electronica called Interplay! Look out for it in Perth in September too.

Space Invader Jigsaw Game.

We held a workshop at the Science Centre Singapore for the Ars Electronica Academy. Everyone contributed a stop-motion animated segment of the figure to make up this film.
It’s a bit like animated Voltron!

Make an owl! These photographic step-by-step sew-along instructions will help you follow the pattern in the back of the Owl Know How book!



Here is the animation where it all began…

This is an animation of several Cloud Towns built by participants in the Children’s Book Festival Owl Know How Workshops.

Cat and Isobel made themselves into muppets for this video tribute to Jim Henson. Exhibited in 2011 at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angelas, USA.